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FREMFARM students win Pecha Kucha presentation prize

At the annual meeting of the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Society conference held digitally November 11-12 Oda and Ylva won the Pecha Kucha presentation prize.

Pecha Kucha presentations are a special format consisting of 10 slides that automatically change after 20 seconds. The title of the talk was “FREMFARM: Å utdanne farmasøytar klare til å møte morgondagens utfordringar", which presented the research project FREMFARM to the pharmaceutical community and the advances till the present.

The students play a key role in FREMFARM project, they are engaged as a whole as partners in the development, implementation, dissemination, and research activities.

The honor was accompanied by an award of 5000 Norwegian Krones that are going to the students' group in the project.



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