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OEB 2022: Innovate, Connect, and Learn at the Leading Educational Technology Conference

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Online Educa Berlin (OEB) 2022 was a global conference held in Berlin from November 23-25, 2022, with a central focus on Re-imagining our Vision for Learning. With a rich history dating back to 1995, OEB has consistently brought together professionals from diverse sectors and backgrounds to provide insights into the future of learning.

Re-imagining our Vision for Learning

The theme for this year was ‘Re-imagining our Vision for Learning.’ The FREMFARM team had the opportunity to attend the conference and engage in discussions with experts in the field of higher education and educational technology.

As a participant, attending the global conference and exhibition for digital learning and training, Online Educa Berlin (OEB), was an enriching experience. With over 2,000 attendees from more than 70 countries, the event was a hub of diverse perspectives and ideas.

We asked some of the participants about their takeaways from the conference and how they see the future of higher education.

Carol Damm, head of digital education at Constructor University, shared that she was impressed by the diversity of the conference attendees, despite the European dominance. She appreciated the high level of knowledge and skills of the attendees, which enabled her to learn something new from every interaction. Carol had previously attended conferences in the US, but she felt that the OEB experience was more beneficial.

Mia Sivén, Vice-dean of the faculty in Pharmacy at the University of Helsinki
Carol Damm, head of digital education at Constructor University, Germany

When asked about the future of higher education, Carol noted that universities still have an important role in human development. Students want to acquire the necessary skills for their development, but they also need to share their experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. Carol sees universities as drivers of innovation, seeking appropriate technologies for solutions.

“I don’t think that the future of education is going to be without university ” Carol Damm

Mirari Ayerbe Diaz, dean of the faculty of pharmacy at the University of the Basque Country
Melissa Kane, Senior associate director for online program development at Brown University, USA

Melissa Kane, Senior associate director for online program development at Brown University, found the conference to be an opportunity to connect with people who share her forward-thinking approach to education, learning, and development. She noticed a common theme across many sessions, that of connecting the head and heart, and bringing the human element back into education. Melissa believes that empowering students to find their own solutions is more important than ever.

Melissa's vision for the future of higher education involves breaking down barriers between students and cultures, so that students can be more interconnected. With the use of technology, students will feel more empowered to build their own learning and their own future.

Marit Øilo, Professor and Vice Dean for Education at the University of Bergen, took away from the conference the importance of connecting with people from diverse sectors and backgrounds. She emphasized the need to collaborate and break down silos to achieve common goals.

Linda Amundstuen, Senior Lecturer, from Nord University in Norway
Marit Øilo, Professor and Vice Dean for Education, University of Bergen, Norway

Marit believes that the future of higher education lies in adapting to changing circumstances and being open to new approaches. She noted that traditional modes of teaching are no longer sufficient, and universities must adapt to meet the needs of students and society.

"Education must shift towards a student-centered learning approach, tailored to their needs and desires, to foster curiosity and a genuine passion for learning, rather than just a need to learn." - Marit
Berglind Eva Benediktsdóttir, associate professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Iceland
Elke Van Ael, a course designer at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Elke Van Ael, a course designer at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, highlighted the need to integrate fun into learning. She stated that the gaming industry has a lot to teach us about redesigning education, with a focus on social interaction, learning from peers, and emotions. Elke emphasized that integrating the heart into education is critical, and social interactions and well-being should be analyzed along with learning analytics.

Elke hopes that higher education will move beyond the limitations of learning management systems and focus on rethinking goals and how to reach them. She envisions a future in which universities collaborate across borders and share resources to reach the same goals.

In conclusion, OEB 2022 provided a platform for participants to share ideas, insights, and experiences about shaping the future of learning. The conference emphasized the need for universities to adapt to changing times and to be more inclusive and collaborative. Participants highlighted the importance of empowering students, integrating emotions and social interactions into learning, and promoting the well-being of students. As we move forward, we must take these insights and use them to rethink and shape our vision for learning.



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